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Church Reviews

" As western educated Christians we tend to see Jesus in scripture with a modern mindset. We lack an understanding of the contemporary Jewish context, Torah teachings and their application as well as customs of the day. In the 2 sessions on Jesus Didaskalos and Tekton, Dr Bradford, as a Jewish Christian, was able to impart fresh insight to scripture giving us a greater understanding and thus relevance within the culture of the time of Jesus. As a consequence we were left with a desire to understand more of the Jewish basis of our faith and to share this with others."
Ian Cross, Fareham, Hampshire
"A number of people spoke to me following the talks (on Jesus' Jewish humanity), saying how much they had appreciated Dr Bradford’s visit; he presented the material and answered questions in a scholarly, logical and very compelling way, but also with great humility. The general consensus was why have we not heard this before and when can he come back?"
Roy Spiller, Holy Rood Anglican Church, Stubbington
" Dr. Bradford's presentation of his book 'The Jesus Discovery' was inspiring. His humorous and understated manner belied his scholarly approach to his subject. The new insights into both Jesus and his earthly father Joseph afforded by his extensive knowledge were fascinating and have given us food for a great deal of thought. Very much appreciated - thank you!"
Axminster Methodist
"I loved what you had to bring, your presentation brought the passage to life in a way that I hadn't considered before and made me think about it differently that showed a relevance to my current christian walk. That is the art of a good bible teacher. Your personality shone through and your passion was at times quite entrancing. I was certainly brought along your journey very willingly.
There was a fluidity with the material that makes your presentation easy to watch and listen to. On an average Sunday we will get 2-3 'sleepers' during the sermon, and the usual culprits were awake, which tells me your style is accessible and engaging.
Kilmington Baptist
"I thought your seminar was outstanding. There was so much new material in it. Many people were blessed by it."
London Network Church
"His insightful Bible teaching is very popular in the fellowship. He has a gift of interpreting scripture in a clear and accessible way that enables his listeners to apply scriptural truths to their lives."
Charlton And Blackheath Christian Fellowship
"Dr Bradford has taught regularly at our church for many years. His messages are always biblical, insightful and powerfully annointed."
Silencio Family Church (Tenerife)
"Dr Adam Bradford has been a frequent visiting Bible teacher at our church. His knowledge and understanding of Jewish culture and history help bring an informed understanding to Scripture."
Callao Community Church (Tenerife)
"Thank you for coming over to Spain and blessing everybody who came along- you most wonderfully did so."
"I could have listened all day."
FGBMFI, Mojocar, (Spain 2013)
"I was blown away by your teaching. I could listen to you all day. Not because of the speaking style, but because of the annointing."
Detling 2011
"For me your teaching was the highlight of the conference."
Detling 2012
"We were blessed and received really good teaching."
Vineyard Christian Fellowship, Alicante, Spain, 2013
"A fascinating breakdown of the word - so informative." "Feedback has been great"
Pinoso, Spain 2013
"I could have listened all day"
Tenerife Family Church 2013
"Fabulous. You were the reason I came to the conference."
Detling 2014
"You blew my thinking completely. Jesus seems so much more real as a result."
Detling 2014
"I came here especially to hear you teach on Mary, Jesus' mother. It was wonderful."
Detling 2014
"We sat with our mouths open. There was so much that was new, and so biblical."
Detling 2014
"Thank you for such excellent teaching, bringing so many new things I hadn't seen out of the Scriptures."
Detling 2014
Dr Bradford travels to speak at his own expense and does not accept any fees or reimbursement. He can be contacted via info@templehouse-publishing.com
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