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Teaching Day Listen to Dr Bradford's teaching on Jesus the tekton and Jesus the didaskalos - 10-4pm on 26 April at Holy Rood Church, Fareham :

Holy Rood Church
PO14 2AS

The Jesus Discovery

Who was Jesus of Nazareth? Could an uneducated itinerant peasant have commanded the respect from the authorities and social privileges that Jesus is recorded as having had?

Follow Dr Bradford' s journey and discover via Roman history, population studies and the Greek of the New Testament who Joseph, Jesus' legal father was in Judean society and his involvement in constructing the Temple of Herod the Great.

This book presents Jesus by four separate points of reasoning as being a figure at the very pinnacle of Jewish ordained legal and theological scholarship.

"Fascinating - worth reading."
RT Kendall

"I must say an enormous thank you for your book 'The Jesus Discovery'. I loved it. I thought the way in which you marshalled the evidence was brilliant and as I read it I began to think to myself - this answers so many questions in my head about Jesus and the way in which he was treated by the establishment. And of course their venom against him is easy to understand if you see Jesus as the 'Golden Boy' of that generation of Temple scholars. So a huge thank you to you."
Rev Eric Delve (People Without Limits)

Read more reviews and commendations and there are some very good endorsements upon the Amazon Books website.

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