Joseph in John's Gospel, Judas and Jewish Jokes

Is there gap in your nativity who's who?
Most of us get the kings and the shepherds.
Sheep and donkeys, ditto.
We can even have a stab at who Mary was, thanks to her abundance of column inches in the Gospel.
But Joseph? Err... Not so much!

Consider how important Joseph was to his 'firstborn' son Jesus. And, of course, vice versa!
Most scholars reckon that Joseph was probably dead during Jesus' ministry years. How else to explain the narrators' silence?
But ARE they in fact silent?
In 2010, Templehouse published 'The Jesus Discovery - Another Look At Christ's Missing Years', which connected established Roman history to the New Testament and in doing so identified Joseph as the tekton-architect for Herod's Temple, built by Jewish tekton trained priest's in 14BC. So Joseph was definitely not a carpenter!

Several years later, Dr Bradford (a medically trained Jewish-Christian biblical scholar) has categorically proved

  1. That Joseph was alive, present in the background (eg John 6:42), and frequently referred to in John's Gospel. This has been obscured by centuries of gentile translators affixing a capital 'F' on their rendering of 'Patros' into English. So, was Jesus speaking of Father God or father Joseph?? Big difference!
  2. Dr Bradford' new book, 'Joseph in John, Judas and Jewish Jokes' also clearly identifies who Judas was and exactly why Jesus selected him to be an apostle.
  3. It also unpacks Jesus' amazing Jewish sense of humour, sadly lost in three major translation jumps.

American theologian Professor Len Sweet says this:
""Amateurs," or those deemed outsiders, renegades, imposters, have been responsible for the bulk of scientific and technological progress up until the mid 19th century. Think Darwin. Or think Galileo and Newton, whose "expertise" was in math, not physics or astronomy. Dr Adam Bradford's expertise is in medicine, but he is one of those brilliant minds whose biblical research and reflections raise issues and perspectives scholars locked inside closed shops can no longer see. I don't always agree with him, but he's one of the few biblical scholars I always read and from whom I never fail to be illuminated and inspired."
Theologian Professor Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, university and seminary professor of biblical history.

The book is available direct from at a discounted price of £9.95 and comes with a money back guarantee.