The Jesus Discovery - Another Look at Christ's Missing Years

"I went to the seminars that Dr Adam Bradford put on at Detling 2014 and I found each one fascinating. They really were so interesting and I learnt so much. I have bought most of the books that he has published as I can carefully read them in my own time and pass them to others. His books are very easy to read - you won't be able to put them down. Dr Bradford is so passionate about knowing what is written in the language of the time. The correct translation puts a whole new perspective to what is written in the bible"
E Margrave, Kent

"I bought a copy of your book "The Jesus Discovery". I found it to be quite brilliant. I can only begin to understand how this information has been hidden for so long, buried under our traditional view of Jesus as the Christ only. What Jesus really said about so many things is often buried and distorted by the poor English translation of the original text. Your book has greatly enhanced my understanding of his life and work as described in the gospels and, I feel, brought me much closer to him personally. Jesus had a big job to open people's minds from their entrenched tradition and culture, as you have shown. I feel you have opened the door here to a much greater understanding of him, not just intellectually but personally also."
John Chandler, Cardiff

"Mind blowing. It stimulates the intellect."
Bill Jefferies. Tenerife

"I bought a copy of your book 'The Jesus Discovery' and I found it so very interesting and wonderful. Years ago I spent 10 years working in a boarding school for gifted musicians and I can truly understand the idea that the Jewish authorities would not have let Jesus, that bright clever young man at 12 years of age, slip through their fingers. Thank you for all your work and the pleasure you have given me and many other people."
Mrs F Cleaver, Warwicks

"A paradigm shift is nothing on this"
N. Robinson (Dublin)

"This book really helps make the Scripture come alive, as you begin to understand Jesus better"
T. Turner (London)

"A well researched book and very easy to read, making some very interesting points"
Agnes Crandall (Michigan USA)

"I thought your seminar was outstanding. There was so much new material in it. Many people were blessed by it."
Rev A Afriyie (London Network Church)

"'I'd like to say how much I enjoyed reading Dr Bradford's book. I had bought it following hearing his teaching tapes (from the Detling Conference, 2011). His ideas are completely new to me, but make a lot of sense."
K Ring, UK

"Extremely helpful in understanding more about the life and times of Jesus."
C Hickey, Australia

"The insights and details of Jewish life are very illuminating and helpful. It will prove invaluable to me in future study and ministry."
Pastor W Smith, Dorset

"I appreciate the work you have done in helping us understand the humanity of our Lord."
Dr David Shibley, Global Advance

"I loaned your books out and am having trouble getting them back. Everyone must think they're good. I do too. And challenging."
J Rodgers, Blenheim, New Zealand

"I've been a Christian since 1999, but after reading "The Jesus Discovery", I feel I've met Christ for the first time. When I first learned of this book, I was skeptical. Overcoming the perception of who Jesus was in His society is not easily done -- it requires overturning centuries of teaching. For someone who is quite orthodox, that's not easily done. But, from the interviews I'd heard with Dr. Bradford, I thought the book was worth investigating. And it was.
Dr. Bradford does not come to this radical view of who Christ was without evidence. And the evidence is of the best sort -- scripture. I never saw what was plainly in front of me. Jesus was consistently, by his enemies, afforded the respected titles of Doctor, Master, Teacher, Rabbi. These are official titles that required a high level of education -- just as they do today -- an education on par with university professors who have obtained the doctorate level of education. Why would such bitter enemies of Christ consistently use such titles of respect? Why did they never dismiss Jesus as an uneducated peasant? The answers become clear in "The Jesus Discovery."
I suppose I shouldn't feel too bad about never seeing what was right in front of me all these years -- no one else had either. Not until Dr. Bradford, that is. Hats off to Dr. Bradford for a brilliant work and for restoring to Christ what had been stolen from Him -- His education and the important position He held in the Jewish society of His day. As Dr. Bradford points out, it's an extreme insult to call someone uneducated who has reached the highest level of education possible -- even to the point where one has surpassed all the teachers and has climbed to a level no one has ever reached before. How could we expect anything less from the very Son of God?
There were questions and objections along the way, but Dr. Bradford addressed every one of them, and did so brilliantly. I highly recommend this book. Who Christ was, and is, on ALL levels, should be of greatest importance to all Christians. (And to everyone.) Don't miss out on this book because of blind preconceptions. It's eye opening and inspiring.
D. Kennedy (Colorado)

"For me slotting in this alternative for Jesus' background was easy. What's more it was like throwing a switch and have all the lights come on at once."
Geneida, Brisbane, Australia

"Might I say how much your book has impacted me - changed my thinking completely. Thank you."
Pastor Breeanna Rennie, Australia

"Until I read your book "The Jesus Discovery" going on 7 times now, researching and your e-mails, and God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit opening up my mind, I would have had a blank look,. too! Even Christmas cards have Jesus as homeless, carpenter. Too much brain washing over the centuries"
Richard Williams, Carlsbad, New Mexico

According To Matthew

"The Gospels provide a very rich seam for enquiring people of every subsequent generation to mine and rediscover both historical and spiritual jewels. Dr Bradford surveys this ancient worthy book with 21st Century infomed and scientific insight, drilling down to its vitals. A provocative and worthy follow up to his book on the "missing years"."
Matthew D Culmer (London)

"Important understandings to key biblical events with it's unquestionable contemporary relevance. Dr Bradford seems a voice with an appetite for Gods good and wonderful truth rather then simplistic or populistic conclusions."
D Elias (Norway)

The Medical Gospel of Luke

"Dr Bradford sheds new light on the Prodigal Son, perhaps one of the best known of all the parables. He shows Jesus' twist at the end showing how the 'good guys' (Pharisees) are just the same as the 'bad guys' and the amazing grace shown by the father to both sons."."
Mr M.J. Leader (Greenwich Borough Dean)

"Dr Bradford - an excellent teacher."

"Thank you Dr Bradford - such a mentally stimulating presenter."
Havant, Oct 14

"Thank you for a very interesting seminar."

"Thank you, it's given me a deeper understanding of the New Testament Origins."

"Thank You, Dr Bradford, you have really opened up the Bible for me today - very informative."

"Thank you for deepening my knowledge of scripture through these talks."
Portsmouth Oct 14

"Dr Bradford makes a compelling case for his views which are difficult to refute - very thought provoking."
Stubbington Oct 14

"Today's society is vastly different from New Testament Times, I addition we lack a clear understanding of Jewish Law (Torah) and how this influenced Jewish Society and customs in Jesus time. Dr Bradford, with his Jewish/Christian background was able to give a contextual understanding of scripture. He highlighted those small, but clearly recorded details Christians so easily gloss over but which help to explain significant events. Dr Bradford has an authoritative style of presentation which is easy to receive."
Ian Cross, Stubbington

The New Testament on Women - What Every Man Should Know

"At long last here is a book that successfully manages to unveil some of the commonly misunderstood verses in the New Testament relating to women. I whole-heartedly encourage men, as well as women to read Dr Bradford's new book, `The New Testament on Women - The Scripture Unveiled.' Dr Bradford sets out to render the `difficult' scriptures, written by Paul, regarding the treatment of women in the church, `less hard to understand.' He achieves this with great clarity in a book that is both readable and clear. As a man, I found this book particularly helpful in understanding how Paul followed Jesus' example of giving women equal status with men, yet teaching about the different functions that men and women have within that equality.
Dr Bradford deals with scriptures that have been used, by men, to oppress women over many centuries, and clearly shows how they have been misused, and how these passages should be applied in a way which brings worth to all members of the church. As a husband and father, it also instructed me in the ways I should be treating my family. This book is easy to read and understand, and lends itself for deeper personal and small group study. Readers without any religious persuasion will also find this book informative, and will no doubt appreciate how revolutionary the teachings of the New Testament were when it was originally written. It challenges the stereotypical view, widely held, that it endorses the suppression of women. It shows, quite clearly, the opposite. `I highly recommend it.'
Andrew MacDonald, London

" Adam Bradford's book is a breath of fresh air as he demonstrates chapter by chapter in his book how inaccurate translation and incorrect exegesis can colour our understanding of these parts of Paul's writing, and sets out to show how in reality the New Testament "actually treats women with the greatest degree of respect". His book explores what Paul actually teaches on some of these mistranslated passages on topics such as women keeping silent in church, head coverings, authority and submission and others. Bradford shows how both Paul and Peter follow Jesus' example in relating to women as equal in status and worth to men, which was revolutionary at the time they were writing. I particularly loved the chapter he includes about how Jesus related to women."
Clare Bick, London