Bringing fresh and original insights out of old material

Templehouse Publishing exists to bring fresh and original insights out of old material.

We believe that God's Word has more to offer than we have yet discovered.

The mission is to search the ancient texts of the Old and New Testaments, alongside other first century manuscripts where their content is relevant to them, and by using a range of modern research tools to bring out of those treasure-chests unique and accurate findings.

The vision of Templehouse Publishing is to profile new and cutting edge Christian teaching, and to feed and challenge the worldwide Church into engaging more deeply with Christian truth.

These are presented to strengthen an understanding and appreciation of the texts as originally written, and in a way that is relevant to the 21st century.

Second Best Jew?

A commentary on the book of Acts

Dr. A T BradfordIcon: Dr. A T Bradford

A verse by verse commentary on Acts as a Roman legal document providing the background to how a good Jewish Temple scholar got into such difficulties with his fellow Jews that he was awaiting trial for his life before Nero's court in Rome.

The Jesus Discovery

Another Look at Christ's Missing Years'

Dr. A T BradfordIcon: Dr. A T Bradford

A startling new book that will revolutionise your understanding of Jesus 'The Man'. Discover Jesus as the Jewish man his contemporaries knew him to be. 'The Jesus Discovery' is possibly the most important writing about Christ's humanity since the New Testament was translated from the Greek. Christian songwriter and author Ishmael calls it 'The most interesting book I have read in years.'

Joseph in John's Gospel, Judas and Jewish Jokes

How can you tell that Jesus had a great sense of humour?

Dr. A T BradfordIcon: Dr. A T Bradford

How Joseph is alive and present in the background of Jesus ministry, a fact utilised in his debates with the Pharisees to keep them guessing as to his identity. Judas Iscariot's identity and Jesus' control over his own arrest and trial. Jesus' sense of humour, Jesus is greater than John the Baptist.

The Medical Gospel of Luke

A new verse-by-verse Commentary

Dr. A T BradfordIcon: Dr. A T Bradford

A new verse-by-verse Commentary that takes you into Luke's medical language, Jewish culture, Jesus' humour, Judean use of Greek, Talmudic law, behavioural psychology, Roman history, Luke's purpose in writing Luke and Acts and who his Gospel's primary source was - Jesus' mother Mary.